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Working with Nicole during my pregnancy and throughout the labor and delivery was a great experience. Nicole is very knowledgeable about all of the aspects of pregnancy as well as both traditional and non-traditional labor techniques. She took her time explaining things and answering all of our questions. We still had questions and concerns about the pregnancy and labor even though this was our second child. She has a calming and reassuring presence. Within minutes of meeting her we felt very comfortable and had made the decision that she was the doula we wanted by our side for what was to be a difficult yet rewarding experience. She kept in constant contact with me in the early stages of labor (while I was still at home). As soon as I knew “something more” was probably going on, I asked her to come over and within minutes she was driving the hour to my home at midnight. Her support, confidence, and reassurance never wavered while at my bedside. She is a positive and caring person that displays these attributes during every encounter. I won’t be having more children, but if I was, I wouldn’t hesitate to have her with us again every step of the way.

-Lisa Caywood